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Chemical Peels

Welcome to MD Optimal Health & Aesthetics, where we specialize in rejuvenating your skin through our signature chemical peels. Whether you're looking to soften scars and acne appearance, achieve smoother, healthier skin, improve pigmentation, or reduce UV damage, we've got you covered. Our tailored approach ensures that each peel is customized to meet your skin's unique needs, providing you with the results you desire.

At MD Optimal Health & Aesthetics, we prioritize your comfort and relaxation throughout the entire process. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the treatment, ensuring you feel at ease every step of the way. Plus, with our commitment to affordability and convenience, achieving your skincare goals has never been easier.


Experience the transformative power of chemical peels with MD Optimal Health & Aesthetics. Schedule your appointment today and uncover a more radiant, confident you.


ZO Stimulator and
Stimulator+ Peels

If you’ve been considering a peel but are feeling a little nervous, then the ZO Stimulator Peel is for you! This treatment is a favorite before big events and the result is a glowing, rejuvenated complexion with no downtime required.

The New Stimulator Peel+ is a moderate strength peel that delivers rapidly smoother skin, while reducing uneven skin tone + congestion. Safe for all skin types, it features the combined potency of high concentration glycolic, lactic + azelaic acids for comprehensive complexion renewal. 


ZO 3-Step Peels

The Zo 3-Step Peel is a powerfully effective method of treating fine lines, sun damage, dull skin, Melasma, acne, and uneven texture concerns.  It is safe and effective for all skin types and has been demonstrated to have some of the most effective and long-lasting results in the industry.


The treatments utilize a blend of exfoliants, retinol and multi-action agents to help improve skin health and treat many signs of aging. The special formulation provides antioxidant protection as well as anti-irritant benefits.


Xtetic Cosmelan Peel

Cosmelan® is the world's leading depigmenting method. Cosmelan® is a unique combination of active ingredients that reduces the overproduction of melanin, which reduces visible discoloration. It works to remove spots (like a peel) and targets the origin of the problem. This peel method is best used on people with hyperpigmentation, dark sun spots, and melasma.

The cosmelan® method consists of 4-phases which are necessary to achieve the target outcome. Intense depigmentation in the office in phase 1 and treatment for home use in phases 2, 3, and 4.

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